Unlike the sorcerers, whose power comes wither they want it to or not, you are one of the few who can learn how to manipulate the arcane power through skill and training. Your power comes through understanding the power and manipulating it through will and knowledge. Wizards are unlike other practitioners of the arcane in that this chance for madness or uncontrolled destruction is minimal. Despite this difference most people do not not or care, and treat like a dangerous animal that could attack at any moment.

This is only untrue in one way, when wizards to a village looking for potentials arcane casters. Many wizards spend their whole lives searching the world for those like you and sorcerers. T’Shima, your master has trained you since you asked to be tested. The amount of dread and fear that struck you and what family you had was completely unnecessary, given what you know now. Compared to a number of other trades and professions, your life isn’t so bad. T’Shima has provided you with a warm place to sleep, enough food to eat, and told that you can do anything. You have been given more books than you could possibly read, limiting your studies by school.

T’Shima did not come here with the explicit idea of taking on new students, but he has become stuck with you. He does not mind, but it has become one more reason why he has given up his search for Sorcerer. He has new responsibilities to you and anyone else that wishes to learn about arcane magic. T’Shima has thrust more books on you than you thought existed in the whole world. While reading, he has been putting you through rigorousness lessons, and experiments. There has been little time for play, but it has come from time to time, and T’Shima seems to genuinely wish for your well being. You have share rooms with your master at his home, and he always seems to have enough money to survive for the next 10 years.

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Moiraine Damodred – WoT, Wynne – DA,


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