Wizards and arcane orders pride themselves on being the masters of the arcane power, but society and other primitive cultures have had to deal with the problem of arcane power long before the formation of wizard colleges and arcane orders. Barbarian tribes and other societies outside the influence of (or even beneath the notice of) great nations and kings, have had their own traditions of turning dangerous arcane power users into useful and very powerful people.

You are one of these people. You have learned from traditions passed down from generation to generation how not to be a danger or a threat. Wizards may look upon you with contempt or scorn, perhaps the feeling is mutual. Regardless of your sentiments there is some conflict between those that call themselves witch and those that call themselves wizard.

Like the Druid you must select a tribe to follow.

Greta the lady of bones has been teaching you what you need to know to be who and what you are. She has taught you what was passed down to her by others, and hopes that one day you’ll do the same. You were not her only student. One night Halfred (a young may who displayed the talent as well) simply wasn’t there one morning. Greta only said that he was not to be spoken of. She has been hard and even abusive at times. She may be a vicious old curmudgeon, but it is also possible that she cares about you and wants to prevent the possibility of turning into monsters.


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