Perhaps even more feared that the sorcerer is you. Your blood has the arcane power, but you have a special talent that makes you more feared than any other. Your mind hears voices that are not your own. You are not insane; these voices are all too real. You are a living conduit to Elysewhere, the realm of dreams. Most people who are like you go insane and give into the voices. This makes the summoner a monster, an abomination directly out of the nightmares of the person they once were. Aborations, magical beasts, and other monsters that plague the world are all that remain of these poor people.

You are one of the lucky ones. Wizards and other arcane masters find those like you and teach you to master the power. The voices can be shaped and controlled. You have learned that the voices can be given shape and form and then brought into the mortal world. These creatures are your servants and obey your commands. What shape and form your dreams give these creatures is limited by your own imagination.

T’Shima counted himself lucky to have found you. Even more than others, your well being has been the focus on T’Shima’s life. For nearly a full year he never left your side. He has spoken to you and taught you what is real and what is not. In many ways T’Shima may act like an overly protective father, but he has begun to loosen the knots a little and has begun to give you more freedom. He understands that he will not be there to protect you all the time. Occasionally you may hear him weeping. When asked about it, he says that it’s nothing.

Reading the Magic page is highly suggested.


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