Your blood is powerful. Like many other creatures your blood has arcane power. Manifesting at different times with varying effects based on your heritage, the power is feared for good reason. Everyone has heard the stories about people who explode in blood and fire, or transforming into monsters. Unfortunately some of these stories are true. No matter what any sorcerer does they are going to manifest their power. Without training and without a mentor most sorcerers are eventually driven insane or killed by those around them, sometimes out of mercy and sometimes out of vengeance.

You are one of the fortunate ones who was been found at an early age. Your master is the wizard T’Shima, and through his tutelage you have learned to control your power. But it has been a secluded life. Even now many in your family are still treated as pariahs, and some who knew you before your discovery still will not speak to you or even mention your name.

It was T’Shima who found you. His entire mission was to locate people with your talent and make sure that you are no longer a threat. But you have had more potential than what he has seen in a long time, and has elected to stay as your teacher. This has been a greater blessing than you care to admit. T’Shima has always worked on reaching out to the local community more, and that includes learning to accept people with your talents. No matter how it turned out, he has made sure that you have a roof over your head, and food to eat.

Reading the Magic page is highly encouraged.

Rand Al’Thor – WoT, Nynaeve al’Meara – WoT, Connor – DA,


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