You are a knight, or very soon will be one. Unlike those others that call themselves Ser, you are devoted to the cause of a religion. This need not mean that you have a religious life. Many orders of Paladins are perfectly fine with committing atrocities that should make the gods weep. The various orders that exist on the Westlands vary from cause to cause. Some take Sarenrae’s words to heart vowing never to harm the innocent and grant mercy, others make vows to Norgorber, looting and pillaging towns and others for supply’s to continue their campaigns. You have read and heard all the stories of knights and great battles to know that this is who you are. All that is needed now is for you to take your vows before a priest and you can officially claim the title of knight.

Your time as a squire has been under the tutelage of Ser Thomas. His age has prevented him from riding off seeking adventure, but the old man does know what is truly important, how to be a knight. Combat and sparing have been difficult but Dulgan has always been willing to spar one more round, and have as well as teach you a thing or two about how “real fighting gets done”. Your specific relgious connections may have drawn you to Bastre and Reda from time to time, but you never needed much instruction on religion or philosophy.

Alistair – DA, Galaded Damodred – WoT, Ser Cullen – DA/DA2 Stanis Baratheon -GoT

Anti-Paladin – The Rare breed of knights from the orderless order. Most paladins try to build something for the future. Even those that devote themselves to a cause of murder and tyranny are not as (for a lack of a better word) evil. You create undead, suffering, and death in you wake. Some who earn the name oath breaker descend into these ranks, seeking revenge and spite from their old vows. Others seek this path from the start. But no matter the reason you are a vassal of evil, and even those that you not look twice at killing children, would murder you and call it justice. It has been suggested and even agreed upon that for someone to elect this path, they would have to be more than just a little bit mad.

Kolgrim – DA,

Connect here to the Religions Page, and I would also consider reading over the Cavalier page as well as there are many knight orders that are welcome and even encouraging of Paladins.


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