Clerics have chosen to swear to a faith. You were never given that choice. You have heard the voice of the divine, and it is too loud to ignore. In many ways you are like those poor souls who were born with the touch of magic. You have always heard things and seen things that have made you wake up in a cold sweat. Some of those people who are like you have not ended well. Many of those who could not handle the visions have been driven mad. Others have killed themselves.

You have managed to hold onto sanity and a sense of self enough to harness the power. Clerics look upon you with envy; some like you look upon them with scorn. Perhaps you are different and see your visions as a blessing, and perhaps not. Regardless your gifts/curse does grant power. Albeit, it is power with strings attached. While it may control you from time to time, it does obey your commands.

Bastre and Reda have been your primary mentors. Their words and wisdom have been the main things that have allowed to keep the majority of your sanity. Both of them feel a special connection to you, agreeing that no matter which deity calls to you, they feel that they are closer to their own deity.

Note: Do does not attract Oracles

Reading the Magic and Religions wiki pages are highly encouraged.


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