You are a follower of Do. Unlike many of the others that the common people see, who try to dictate to people how to live their lives, praising the social order and the perfect structure of the world as it is “the way of Earth”, you live in harmony with yourself, as it is “the way of Heaven”, in the monastery.

History, meditation, and the art of self-defense, have been your focus nearly all your life. Maintaining the nearly dead traditions from the Empire of the Sun, your path has been set for your since your birth. But you will soon have the freedom to choose your own path. Will you choose the Open Palm, or will you choose the Closed Fist?

The Open Palm: The open palm teaches that there is an energy to the universe and it is much easier to manipulate it, than it is to control it. Conflict is not your way, but when violence is set upon you, you act with skill and patience. Controlling and manipulating an opponent so that you gain advantage over them is preferable to simply beating them into submission. Many of the styles within the Open Palm focus on tripping, countering, and disarming an opponent.

The Closed Fist: The closed fist teacher that there is power, period. Those that do not have it are slaves to those that do. Conflict equals growth, and without growth there is no life. In conclusion, your life is a life of conflict. Confrontation, power, and even raw strength are the ways to face an opponent. Defeat them with speed, and precision, and you will gain wisdom. Your single greatest advantage is yourself. Most who follow the style of the Closed Fist focus on rapid strikes, increasing damage, and stunning attacks.

There is only a small monastary where you grew up and the only master residing over its care is E-Hong Feng. She has been a parent, mentor, and teacher to you. How effective her lessons have been are up to you. She has tried to guide you along the same path that she walks, but understands that you must walk your own path, as each strive for enlightenment.

Loial –WoT,


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