Fall fires burning neath black twisted boughs

Sacrifice to above

Smoke swirling quickly towards misting clouds

Offering of this blood

Into the flames and without shame

Consumed with howls and screams

Pumpkins grin in their despair on all

Hallows eve

Wallpaper dark messiah of might and magic 02 1600

Magic can be broken into two forms, Divine Power, and the Arcane Power. What the power can do is very similar, but the real difference is where it comes from and how it affects the user. Arcane power as a general rule is more dangerous, but divine power comes with more strings attached.

Arcane Power: This power comes from living connections to Elysewhere, the realm of dreams. Mortals have been known to develop connections to this realm and remain connected to it, even when awake. This connection allows the mortal to bring energy into the physical world. With use of words, motions, and the other components to spell casting, the mortal can shape the raw energy into a specific form. Spontaneous casters have far less control over their magic, but are generally able to summon much more energy.

Divine Power: This power also comes from Elysewhere, but unlike wizards who draw upon the power in general, yours is drawn from a very specific source. Each person who draws divine power draws if from a specific being. This entity does not have to be a god, any being of sufficient power will serve, or more appropriately will allow you to serve. This allows for demon worship, evangelicals, or even madmen who claim to have discovered some long forgotten deity. The faithful of Do claim that their power comes from the divine emperor, who is still alive. Regardless of where, or whom grants the power, it does come with strings attached.

Blood Magic: All spell casters must call energy to preform their magic. This process is limited by the spell-caster’s own skill and ability to hold that energy. Life is its own kind of magic. Blood holds the power of life in physical form. Spell-casters have learned that blood can be tapped for power. Anyone who already has the potential for spell-casting can access this power. Those that wish it can learn how to enhance the power with time and study.

Note: Only living blood holds this power.

Blood Magic System
A spell caster can deal themselves 5 points of damage to gain a single blood point. This takes a small amount of time extra and is done on the spot. Any spell that has a casting time of 1 standard action becomes a full round action. This does not conflict with a spontaneous casters application of metamagic feats. A blood point increases a spell caster’s level by +1 for all level dependent variables such as damage, duration, and range. This may also be applied to breaking spell resistance. The effect lasts for only a single turn, and must be earned during that round. Example: When a spell caster has a quicken spell prepared and wants to cast another spell in the same turn. The caster must have 2 blood points earned in order to boost both effects by +1 caster level. The caster could also elect to apply both points to either spell in order to boost that spell by +2 caster levels.

The rule of 5 – In order to earn a single blood point the caster must deal themselves 5 points of damage that turn, before the spell is cast. To earn more blood points in a single round the amount of damage is in multiples of 5. With 25 points of damage done the spell caster earns 2 blood points. With 125 points of damage the spell caster earns 3 blood points, and with 625 points of damage the spell caster earns 4 points.

The catch – If a spell caster possesses a method of drawing blood points from other sources, the amount of damage needed to earn a blood point cannot exceed the total amount of hit points that the “source” possessed. Example: A spell caster sacrifices a slave to earn a blood point the slave dies and had a total amount of 11 hit points. The spell caster can earn a single blood point but not 2, even if the coup de grace attack dealt over 25 points of damage during the sacrifice. With 3 slaves of the same number of hit points killed during the same round. The spell caster can earn 2 blood points with the 33 points of damage


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