While not highly spoken of amongst all the faiths, your role is a vital one. You are much more than a keeper of the faith. You are given the sacred charge of protecting the faithful from threats that they are not willing to face. You have been taught to be relentless in this charge, and to pursue the enemies of the faith within and without. How you choose to follow your charge is up to you. You are accustomed to a certain amount of freedom in your work. There are groups that share your charge and wither you choose to ally with them or not is for you to decide. How dogged you are in your charge is also your choice. The level of vengeance and violence will depend on your past. Why did you choose to answer the call of inquisition? Was someone taken from you? Was magic responsible for pain and misery in your family? Or is there another reason?

Some of the rules for behavior do change based on the organization or deity that you choose to serve. The more benevolent of the 9 may demand that those accused, be offered a chance at conversion. Some of the lower deities may demand that no matter what, pain and torture be used with all prisoners. But all religions to accept that death is needed at times.

Your training has largely been your own. Bastre and Reda have been there to answer questions and offer advice. Depending on your style of combat either Andala or Dulgan may have offered you training in martial prowess.

Note: Do does not attract Inquisitors


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