Warriors, brawlers, and scrappers, your kind are known by many names. Some may wear fancy armor and pretty swords, and others wear little to stay swift, or use massive hammers, you know how to use them all. You are no knight, but you are a skilled man-at-arms, ready to make a corpse out of your enemy when the need arises.

Honor and glory can be found by the nobles, or those that wish to appeal to them, but you have no need for all the pomp and ceremony. You have a job to do and it is high time that you start getting it done.

Dulgan has been an excellent teacher. His efficient and sometimes brutal methods of combat have been an asset to you. He has taught a number of others how to fight, and sometime he will talk about Dwarven military tactics and you are just beginning to make sense of them, and it is only know that you realize just how dangerous he is. Other skills such as riding, and animal care you can learn from Ser Thomas.

The Hound – GoT, Lan Mandragoran – WoT, Jon Snow – GoT,


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