Seven devils all around you

Seven devils in your house

See I was dead when I woke up this morning,

And I’ll be dead before the day is done

Before the day is done

And now all your love will be exorcised

And we will find your sayings to be paradox

And it’s an even sum

It’s a melody

It’s a battle cry

It’s a symphony


Elysewhere is the collective name of the unseen world that spell casters draw their power from. It is a place of consciousness and thought rather than physical material. Mortal minds touch this place in sleep and dreams. It is uncertain how this contact is initiated, but regardless all minds and beings of consciousness has some connection to Elysewhere.

All attempts to map this realm have resulted in failure, and insanity in some cases. The conclusion reached is that because it is realm of possibility and potential, there is no boundary or limit to the size and scope of this world. However what has been confirmed is the existence of solid/stable realms within Elysewhere. The Fiddler’s Green, Nirvana, Dis, Purgatory, Cadia, The Grey Wastes, The Beastlands, Mechaniuus, and whole realms of pure elements exist here. These places are permanent fixtures within Elysewhere. Some have speculated that these realms have beings that are old/powerful enough to create stable worlds within Elysewhere. Others believe that these beings were created by mortal minds, but have taken on a life of their own. No matter their origin, one thing is certain, these beings are powerful, inhuman, and dangerous.

Spell casters are a direct connection to this realm. The door opens both ways and can create wonders and horrors alike. Those without the proper training or the mad desire are capable of bringing dreams to reality or unleashing horrors from the darkest nightmares of the caster.

Travel to this realm is possible, but ill advised. It is possible to become lost in dreams and nightmares alike by loosing touch with permanent reality. Only the most strong willed minds should dare make the journey into this realm.


Midnight jackoehler51