Away from all of the fighting amongst all of the religious groups of the Westlands, remain the followers of the “old ways”. You have much more akin to shamans or intermediaries between the natural forces of the world and the mortals within it. Many are found amongst the barbarian tribes, and some are found alone in the deep wilderness, but you are one of the former. Showing talent for magic at a young age you were apprenticed to the Clan’s wise men and women. Just as with the Barbarian select your clan from Bear, Owl, or Stag.

Bear: Strength and endurance are among the traits that are most favored. You are no exception. In fact there are times where you are expected to be stronger than the mightiest warriors. Being able to call upon the wild shape of strong beasts are well suited to this goal. As a druid, the clan tasks you with teaching this philosophy and being the example to follow.

Owl: Wisdom and cunning are among the traits that are most favored. As a druid, you have been tasked with sacred knowledge and being the keeper of the stories that will preserve the wisdom the those that came before you. Magic is strong is this clan, and the wisdom that has been passed down and preserved makes your talents among the most powerful of the 3 clans.

Stag: Speed and swiftness are among the traits that are most favored by your clan. Your own martial abilities and talents are favored over the ability to transform into a massive beast or being able to call upon powerful magics to destroy your enemies. While all of these things are important it is important to remember the relationship between the hunter and the hunted. You know that you are part of the natural world and that no matter what you are part of the symbiotic relationship that is part of the natural world. Your animal companion is the true symbol of this relationship. One alone is nothing, just as the wolf will die without the stag, so to is the stag incomplete without the wolf to make it strong and fierce.

Nessa of the Stag Clan may not be of your clan, but all druids admire her. She has taken it upon herself to try and unite the tribes, as such she has sought out others to teach what she has learned. Many in the tribes consider her to be like a mother.

Marethari – DA/DA2 Witherfang – DA


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