You are one of the few followers of a religion that still wander the Westlands. Perhaps you do so secretively, for fear of reprisals amongst villagers, who dear that you will draw a god’s attention. Or perhaps you wear your symbols openly, letting none doubt the power of your deity. Or perhaps you are a follower of Do, letting “The Way" show you the path to enlightenment.

No matter the philosophy or deity, people still fear the power that you can call. None doubt the power of the gods, but none wish to have that power burn their fields, make their children deformed, or cause their livestock to grow sick. Most people treat all clerics equally, no matter what deity or cause they serve. They smile, nod, and do as little as possible to antagonize you before you continue on your way.

Bastre and Reda have both been mentors to you. In a way they both care about your well being, but all too often they use you as a subject for debate, much like a pair or parents that argue about what is best for their child. Although, both of them would deny that they feel that way.

Reading the Religions and the Magic wiki pages are strongly encouraged.

Justice – DA2/DAaw, Ishamael – WoT


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