Cunning and bravado are your ways. While some bards do find work in the taverns and common rooms, singing their songs and spinning their tales, many more work in the shadows. Some work alongside the nobles as spies, information brokers, and assassins. Others focus on knowledge, seeking lost lore amongst old tomes and ruins of old empires.

Either through learning how to manifest the power held within their blood or forced to quell their natural power Bards possess the arcane and are feared as much as any other sorcerer or wizard. You have studied in the town of Carian, largest collection of people on Somerset Isle. Working as a secretary for the Wizard T’Shima ( Ch- She- Ma) for many years and he has taught you much, but you know that soon your time will be up and you can make your own way.

You have a variety of skills and as such you have a variety of mentors. T’Shima has taught you your magical talents, and also been the one who has provided you with histories and books. Nigel West Armstrong has been the one who has taught you the social skills that are instrumental to any bard’s retinue.

Thom Merrilin– WoT, Verric – DA2,


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