Not all of the lands of the West are civilized. Some have yet to be conquered or annihilated due to weather, ignorance, or simply not being near any other large powers. Many of the fiercest warriors come from the tribes of Barbarians. Their rage is feared as is their unforgiving nature. Most often the people of the Westlands think of the Northmen, who raid along the coast lines taking goods, gold, and people as they please.

You are a member of a one of several small clans that make war on each other as well as the more civilized people (who always seem to smell better). Each clan has a particular animal totem associated with it to gain strength. These totems represent your clan’s values and are meant to guide your choices in builds and abilities.

The Bear: Strength and ferocity are among those traits most highly sought in this clan. Young warriors are given trials of endurance and tolerance. They are also expected to be able to preform great feats of strength. Some members of the Bear clan even claim a deeper affinity to the animal, saying that they can even call upon physical aspects of the animal itself such as claws and teeth.

The Owl: Wisdom and cunning are among those traits most highly prized in this clan. Off all the clans yours has the greatest sense of self, as stories and fables are passed down, generation to generation. Young warriors are expected to act cunningly and out smart their prey. This is achieved in a sacred hunt, where the warrior must outwit their prey by setting traps, stealth, or even using something greater than their strength for victory.

The Stag: Speed and quickness are among those traits most highly prized in this clan. Young warriors are given the rite of prey, where they become the hunted and must elude and reach safety before their hunter can capture them. But the stag is also a fearsome foe. Young warriors are also tasked with the rite of the charge, where they must run headlong at danger without fear, giving all to the thrust.

Nessa of the Stag Clan may not be of your clan, but she has been trying to unite the clans together, and has been a mentor to you. Even though she is no warrior, she has taught you how to harness your rage.

Kal Drogo – GoT, Vikings – 13thWar.


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